Red Shiso contains strong antioxidants

Red Shiso is a traditional Japanese herb.
It is famous for having a very strong antioxidant “Perillaldehyde” as well as a unique scent.

“Perylaldehyde” has a long history of use in the treatment of allergic diseases because it has a bactericidal action and an action to suppress inflammation.
The effect can be expected to lead to normal skin condition with trouble such as allergies and acne.

Red Shiso contains a large amount of nutrients essential for beauty, such as carotene, B vitamins, and vitamin C.
In particular, it contains a large amount of “beta carotene” and “cyanidine” to protect against aging.

Red Shiso is used for Umeboshi

Red Shiso is a traditional Japanese herb used for umeboshi.

The rich polyphenols also contribute to their antimicrobial activity, so they are a natural preservative for foods and help prevent food poisoning and other bacterial stomach problems.

Our Red Shiso is specially cultivated

We specially grow the Red Shiso used in our products without using pesticides.
Repeatedly for more than 30 years, choose excellent Red Shiso every year, pick the seeds, and cultivate the next year.

Then, it harvests at the time when the energy is strongest, and immediately makes our products.
Antioxidants are destroyed by heat, so we make hand-made essential oils without heat and blend them into all our products.