Project Description

White Essence Lotion

By using after the oil, the lotion will be absorbed more into your skin and keep your skin moisturized.
If you keep using it, it will give you a clear and beautiful skin effect.
100% plant extract of red perilla, orange, and rape ginseng without dilution with water.


Take some lotion with your clean hands, put it on your face for putting.

It is recommended to use after repair concentrate oil.


ALL RAW  Red Shiso extract, Bitter orange peel extract, Rosemary extract, Glycerin, Panax ginseng extract, Water*, Red Shiso oil, Arginine, Phytic acid, Silver oxide, Xanthan gum

*Water is used for extraction, not diluted.

100 mL    4,800 yen + Tax

ALL FREE   Petroleum-derived components, Chemical additives, Plant using pesticides, Chemical used in extraction solvent, Carryover component, Animal experiments

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