Project Description

Repair Concentrate Oil | Refill

All-in-one shampoo.
Red Shiso extract and Japanese plant extract are rich combined.
A simple formula enhances the refreshing scent of Red Shiso.
Oil-rich foam is effective for dry scalp and hair.


After pre-washing your hair, wash your hair and scalp with 1-2 push shampoos and rinse well with hot water.


ALL RAW Red Shiso extract, Water, Cocamidopropyl betaine, Cocoyl glutamate 2Na, Cocoyl glutamate Na, Rosemary extract, Panax ginseng extract, Horsetail extract, Camellia oil, Red Shiso oil, Bitter orange extract, Chamomile extract, Phytic acid, Glycerin, polyquaternium-10, Arginine, Silver oxide

300 mL    2,700 yen + Tax

ALL FREE   Petroleum-derived components, Chemical additives, Plant using pesticides, Chemical used in extraction solvent, Carryover component, Animal experiments

About Red Shiso